Stratesys identifies digitalization and artificial intelligence as key pillars in Procurement 2024. These technologies go beyond facilitating operations, transforming decision making with accurate data to achieve unprecedented operational efficiency.

Critical tools such as predictive analytics and blockchain reveal unexplored opportunities and anticipate trends in procurement.

At the core of organizational efficiency lies the procurement process , a vital function that manages the acquisition of goods and services, from supplier selection to price negotiation and quality control. Beyond obtaining products, this process directly impacts the value chain, competitiveness, profitability and sustainability of an organization.

In response to growing pressure to improve supply chain efficiency, companies have accelerated transformation in procurement, quickly adopting innovative solutions. In this context, the technology multinational, Stratesys , has identified the four trends that are expected to define the procurement landscape in 2024. These trends not only represent technological advances, but are also a strategic response to current challenges, providing companies with the tools necessary to adapt and thrive in this new business paradigm.

  • Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (AI): Complete digitalization and the strategic focus on artificial intelligence are consolidated as the fundamental pillars of the new paradigm in Procurement. These technologies not only facilitate operations, but transform decision-making through the use of accurate and up-to-date data, achieving unprecedented operational efficiency.
  • Sustainability at the center: Sustainability has become an imperative in every purchasing decision. This approach reflects a modern and responsible vision, incorporating environmental and social considerations in each action. It sets new standards for corporate responsibility, positioning the purchasing department as a leader in ethical and sustainable practices.
  • Predictive analytics and blockchain : The implementation of predictive analytics and the adoption of blockchain technology cease to be experiments and become fundamental tools. They provide transparency, reliability and valuable insights, revealing unexplored market opportunities, anticipating trends and opening new horizons.
  • Integrated Collaboration: The era of operational silos has come to an end. Collaboration is fostered through strategic partnerships and integrations, creating an integrated and synergistic environment. This approach not only improves operational efficiency, but also cultivates a culture of shared innovation.

Each of these trends contributes to a complete redefinition of purchasing management in the modern era. Andressa Kondrasovas, Chief Procurement Officer at Stratesys , mentions that “This new paradigm is not just an improvement on the status quo, but a complete reimagining of what it means to be a CPO (Chief Procurement Officer) in the modern world. We transcend the norm to achieve operational efficiency unimaginable just a decade ago. The future of Procurement begins now.