sector sanidad


In the heart of the Digital Transformation in organizations and in the same way digitalization of city services is advancing, the positive impact that this is having in health management, illnesses and savings on resources, is evident.


We serve as catalyst in the Health Sector, monitoring and detecting technological barriers as interoperability and standardization of digital solutions, security in information transmission, organizational change management and resource optimization, the latter being a remarkably critical issue. The real value of the digital systems comes from the data processing that turns data in key tools for decision making of health care professionals, illness diagnose and epidemics, therapeutic evolutions, etc.

Projects / Services

  • Finance Planning and Consolidation of Assistance / Non-assistance Costs
  • Dashboards and Business Analytics based upon GRD’s
  • Industry solution for HR and Talent Administration management
  • Application of Special Regime of Organizations in sanitary groups and adaptation in the group financial processes
  • Portal integration / Cloud services (Digital agenda, Electronic history) with on-premise Back-end systems (HR, Invoicing)
  • Medical Professional Portal for agenda self-management, invoicing, contracts, insurances, etc.
  • Financial analytics and internal/external productivity benchmark, based on activity standards (GRD’s)
  • Medical and assistance protocols RA/RV/3D simulation