servicios ciudadanos


Although in recent years the companies of this sector have gone through evident progress and obtained relevant improvements in their productivity, the industry of construction and real estate is still behind other sectors that have begun the change and digital transformation some years in advance. This sector, which includes the city services big concessionaires, is immerse in a transformation process in which organizations that lead change and invest in the most adequate disruptive technologies, are obtaining competitive advantages and significantly improving their results.


We have the teams with the right experience and knowledge to offer you solutions that are truly adapted to your strategic, operative and management needs. We possess wide experience in corporate groups of this field, to define and implement integrated solutions which adapt to your business specificities, with complex financial analysis requirements that allow monitoring and follow up of the projects’ profitability.

Projects / Services

  • Projects planning and costs
  • Investment analysis
  • Corporate budget and consolidated annual accounts
  • Budget control for promotion follow up
  • Group Debt, Derivatives and Hedging management
  • Treasury: Re-engineering, budgeting, liquidity, In-house Cash
  • Supplier collaborative portal
  • Document management models: projects, constructions, patrimony and legal consulting

Success Stories