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Our R+D team researches and applies the newest and most innovative technologies to help our clients improve their results and prepare for the future. We carry out enterprise projects of new technological development and digital application utilization, enclosing IoT, Industry 4.0, machine learning, AI, APIs, Robotics and Blockchain.


Through our Innovation Agency, we improve the interaction among people, technology and strategy. For this to be possible and always under a scope oriented to innovation and service quality to business, we merge emerging technologies with disruptive concepts and we rely on Lean Innovation methodologies, which allow us to optimize and accelerate the activity development (avoiding  redundancies and non-critical routes) and generate more value through the continuous interaction with our clients.


We firmly believe in the need of putting technology at the service of business. In this context, we improve the IT areas and departments of our clients, transforming the corporate IT Service units, into business acceleration levers. Through our perspective, we help organizations give a sense of business to the investments and projects within the software and hardware fields and we provide them with a global vision of state of the art technology in the different markets / sectors in which we have been performing our activity during the last twenty years.

innovación tecnológica

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