consultoría internacional

Facilitating international expansion and corporate organization processes

We help our clients adapt their organizational structures to the requirements demanded by the dynamic activity of the markets, both in the moments of faster growth and in those of business contraction. We also have international capabilities to accompany organizations in their expansion process in other geographic markets, sharing our experiences in the adaptations to location, in every aspect, that each country requires.

Projects / Services

  • Deployment of local and international Roll-Outs in different scenarios: Geographic, in cascade, Big Bang, etc.
  • Global Template for the implementation / Roll-Out of the model in other locations
  • Implementation of local requirements in different geographic locations
  • Corporate Split-Offs
  • Companies mergers


  • Multi-geography member team for projects of Roll-Outs and corporate mergers/split-offs
  • Local offices in 8 countries of Europe, USA, LATAM and Asia
  • Methodological Framework for Roll-Out (Global Template & Cultural Roll-Out)
  • Accelerators of requirement taking and Roll-Out deployment processes
  • Set of multi-country SAP localizations (accounting, financial, payroll, e-invoice...)

Success Stories