consultoría manufacturing


Speed of advances in technology, consumer’s new demands, cost management and qualified talent retention represent an important challenge to the industrial and manufacturing sector, which requires the introduction of new information technologies as the base to face all change. Commitment to innovation, research and development is one of the strategic priorities of this sector and an essential factor to differentiate one’s product from competitors.


We offer comprehensive solutions to the industrial sector companies, to improve their performance, optimize their processes and reduce their costs. Our service portfolio for this field covers a wide range of business areas: Production, logistics, procurements, eCommerce, corporate finances, etc. Among our clients in this sector we can find companies of the automotive, paper and cardboard, electronics, steel, construction ancillary, etc.

Projects / Services

  • Shop Floor digital management – Industry 4.0
  • Productive processes and distribution Planning
  • Supply chain Optimization
  • Demand Planning
  • Shop floor Maintenance and Control
  • Integration with logistic operator
  • Procurement corporate model
  • Procurement and Hiring advanced solutions
  • Supplier Portal
  • Industrial facilities geo-location