transporte de pasajeros


Ecological cities, less polluting emissions, more efficient transport, punctuality and safety are the challenges of the Transport industry. The product implementation for passenger transport management enables the growth and evolution of populated areas and act as an economy agent for the business network that surrounds it. Operators must be able to offer safer and more efficient services, with intelligent networks that posses a higher degree of automation. A dynamic price management and new payment methods will be necessary.


We offer management solutions that incorporate vast knowledge of this sector, providing the most adequate tools to plan and manage the means required by the ever-growing demand of passenger transport.

Projects / Services

  • Efficient service planning in real time
  • Assets reliability optimization, monitoring their state with predictive maintenance systems
  • Improvement of user experience, providing customized information and services in the social media
  • Driving activities Planning
  • Human Resources Planning
  • Resources and activities Optimization
  • Control and execution dashboards
  • Vehicle productivity analysis
  • Kilometers travelled, deployed personnel, passenger influx
  • Application mobility for supervisors and roving staff