Welcome SAP Ariba, Welcome Savings

Millions of transactions, expense control, communications with different suppliers, anticipation in the processes, integration with the rest of systems and many more advantages are aspects that we have thought and treated in detail for the creation of a single solution that will improve indirect strategic procurement at any organization: Welcome Sourcing


  • Collaborative environment between buyers and sellers
  • Simplified on-boarding process for suppliers
  • Powerful dashboards and analytics reports
  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Standarized integration with SAP (native) and non-SAP Backend


  • Cost reduction based on efficiency improvement and greater capacity to manage sourcing processes
  • Improves spend control using standardized strategic sourcing KPIs Common framework for exchange of information with suppliers, preventing the use of calls and emails
  • Facilitates compliance based on traceable processes and homogeneous documentation of indirect purchase events
  • Reduces time to market needs through standardized and simplified procedures


  • Need Management
  • Dicovery Tools
  • Request Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Decission Support
  • Comercial Negociation