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Aligning regulation compliance with business objectives

We have an expert team in risk management, specially oriented in improving the identification, qualification and mitigation activities of such risks in the organizations. We collaborate with the audit and fraud control areas of our clients with the objective of assuring the good governance as well as the regulation compliance, both requirements of special relevance in the current regulatory frame.

Projects / Services

  • Complete portfolio SAP GRC solutions – Governance, Risk & Compliance:
    • Risk Management
    • Process & Access Control
    • Audit & Fraud Management
  • GRC Dashboards
  • Design and adaptation of new regulations – Add-ons to the standard SAP
  • GRC platform Support and Roll-Out


  • Multi-geographic team of experts, specialists in SAP GRC: Access, Process & Risk Management
  • Methodological framework for the integration of Non-SAP systems in SAP GRC
  • Best Practices and high volumetric and optimal performance models
  • Advanced Ad-hoc User eXperience for GRC solutions