Business Design Centre, Londres, Reino Unido

The surge in disruptive technologies in the past few years has led to the transformation of the real estate market, the industry is now seen as a tech-driven sector with significant developments taking place in areas such as construction, logistics, payment technologies, rentals, workspaces etc. and most importantly the changes required to meet the sustainability pledges are hugely contributing to the technology transformation of the industry.

Stratesys will be present, next 15th and 16th February, at the London PropTech Show (https://proptechshow.com), an event held at London’s Business Design Centre, which aims to bring these technologies and relevant topics to professionals and companies in the Real Estate sector.

We will be presenting 3 innovative solutions that are part of our software constellations. Each of these constellations is composed of a group of products designed to meet the needs of various C-Level within organizations:

  • Bridge is part of our PYXIS constellation – oriented to cover the needs of the CFO – and is a cloud solution that allows a complete budgetary follow-up of the entire life cycle of all the real estate developments of a company; starting from the feasibility study to the follow-up of the project as well as the subsequent commercialization either by sale or rental of the assets
  • CX-House is part of SAGITTA – a constellation aimed at the sales and marketing managers of organizations – connects and unifies all the sales processes specific to real estate companies, providing a 360° view of properties and clients – including a specific incident management module – as well as detailed reporting to monitor the objectives and results of the sales force.
  • s-footprint, part of our AQUARIUS constellation, a suite of solutions to help our customers meet their SDGs. The s-footprint SW product provides all the information on the organization’s greenhouse gas emissions, making it easier to track them and ensure compliance with the reduction targets.


15 February 2023
Business Design Centre, Londres, Reino Unido