Stratesys has presented its 2023 results, a year that ended with €113 million in revenue, representing an increase of 23% compared to the previous year, far exceeding the planned target of €100 million.

During 2023, the company has confirmed its firm commitment to attracting talent and creating quality employment, currently consolidating an employee team of 1,800 professionals, after the incorporation of 300 people last year, distributed throughout of its international network of offices and expert centres.

These excellent results, which includes an EBITDA of €10 million, make 2023 Stratesys’s best year to date. 2023 was a year in which international sales represented 20% compared to 15% the previous year, and in which the firm has provided its services to nearly 500 companies and large corporations in Europe and America, among which include two thirds of the IBEX-35.


Much of the achievements obtained by Stratesys during the past year have been achieved by lines of action that have driven its growth, among which stand out global transformation programmes based on leading software platforms, such as SAP S/4HANA, large digitalization initiatives demanded by HR departments, progressive application of AI in various business areas, increasing deployment of cybersecurity services, as well as various connection and integration projects of new technologies.

‘With the extraordinary results of last year, we successfully completed the execution of our 2021-2023 Strategic Plan, exceeding our expectations, multiplying annual revenue by 2 and tripling EBITDA,’ declared Ramón Montané, CEO and co-founder of Stratesys. Likewise, the company’s first executive has highlighted ‘the great growth experienced by Stratesys during these years, much higher than the growth rates of the sector’.

Future plans

Stratesys continues its commitment to growth, now facing a new strategic plan with the horizon set for 2027, the year in which it will celebrate its 30th anniversary and for which it has set the goal of reaching €200 million in revenue.

During this period, the company will enhance its portfolio of technologies with high demand and market projection, and in which its constellations of proprietary software solutions, the transformation processes of large technological investments, and Artificial Intelligence which is already gaining special prominence, cybersecurity, the integration of technological abundance and the hyper connection of platforms.

International consolidation

Stratesys, which currently has local headquarters in 10 countries – Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Chile – expects that its international business volume will continue to gain greater weight over the next few years. Therefore, the company will focus its expansion by reinforcing its geographical presence in the large markets of Europe and America in which it operates, progressively occupying new territories including DACH, BENELUX, and USA. In this way, it confirms and strengthens its strategic role as a technological hub between both continents, a positioning that has been key to its recent growth.