consultoría telecomunicaciones


In a fast-changing scenario, where new players have altered the rules of the game, more agility, simplicity and transparency in relations with the agents that form the ecosystem of the new communications and media companies, are necessary. In this context, among the most relevant challenges that the sector faces, regulatory aspects and cost and efficiencies control stand out, from a global business and organization perspective.


For over 20 years we have collaborated with companies of this sector, undertaking a great diversity of projects: Corporate initiatives for the development of management control models, implementation of new accounting regulations (IFRS15), development of internal corporate bank, optimization of supply chain, roll outs for companies’ mergers, etc.

Projects / Services

  • Big Data based management control models
  • In-House Bank and operative treasury
  • 360º vision Dashboard
  • Supply chain optimization
  • IFRS15, IFRS16 and new accounting regulations
  • Corporate Budget
  • Management control corporate model
  • Application Management Services