Química Farmacéutica


One of the main allurements in this sector is the permanent innovation in which it is immersed. Investment in digital technology is bigger every day, causing a change in the strategy, focusing on the patient and his needs and bringing value through new relations and communication channels. The potential of companies in this industry for positioning themselves in the market with their innovative products is very high.


We offer global solutions to our clients in the Life Sciences sector and we help them to undertake new technological challenges that they face in different fields of their activity: Manufacturing, quality, maintenance, operations, etc. Likewise, we are specialists in serialization solution and pharmaceutical products tracking (e.g. SAP Advanced Track & Trace), clues to face the new regulations that are now mandatorily requiring the introduction of tracking systems in the production and procurement of pharmaceuticals.

Projects / Services

  • Track & Trace of pharmaceuticals
  • Plant digitalization and connection: Electronic manufacturing guides management (Electronic Batch record)
  • Change control management
  • Sales management, promotions, prices and sales force mobility
  • Fast order placement, from sales force
  • EDI integration, weight scales, palletizing
  • Batch tracking
  • Electronic billing
  • Radiofrequency warehouse management: Sale by specialty, sector (pharmacy, hospital, whole sale, etc.)

Success Stories



  • Regulated Documents and SOP
  • Claims & non-conformity
  • Medication Registration
  • Clinical Trials Files