soluciones para banca

Digital core solution that supports all the banking business processes

ZincBanc is a new generation technological platform created to respond to the main challenges the Financial Sector has nowadays: customer centric banking, global technological acceleration and hiperregulation.

Key Points

  • Omnichannel of business processes
  • Real-time Banking, with the use of BBDD Big Data, to support operational and analytical processes
  • Paperless bank and Biometric digital signature
  • Coverage to all business processes of a retail banc
  • Support to all access channels of the platform: Internet and Mobile Banking, Office network, Central Services, Partners…
  • Based on SAP technology, world leader in corporate use software


  • Customer centric banking through generation of personalized offers processes
  • 4/7 Complete availability of all functionalities. No batch process
  • Real-time reporting upon the operational BBDD
  • Continuous support in new legislation and regulation, hand in hand with SAP
  • Radical savings in technological costs and savings for improvements in processes efficiency

Functional Areas

  • Commercial CRM, customers, sales and marketing
  • Financial Products Factory. Debit (loans…) & Credit (Overdraft…) Products
  • Collection and payments: SEPA and checks. Payment methods.
  • Intermediation
  • Online accounting integration with treasury operations
  • Local rules (Like an ES GAAP)
  • Profitability multi-axis system
  • Arrears management and Bad Debt provision
  • Money laundering and Black list Management
  • Asset Portfiolio Guarantees
  • Support to all marketing channels