Duracell trusts Stratesys with central Invoice Data Management

The batteries manufacturer, Duracell, has unified in his support centre in the Shared Service Center, located in Sant Cugat, the management of the invoices at an international level, betting on the support of SAP ERP and Opentext, which has allowed them to optimize the process and to stablish an homogeneous model of control.

The system integrates both electronic and the paper billing and ensure the automation of the accounting data through the scanning and recognition. Duracell Service Centers directly handle a volum close to 120.000 annual invoices in 9 different languages from more than 25 countries, in coordination with the Duracell companies in US, Latin America and Asia.

The process automation offers to Duracell a more global visión which gives them decisive information to shorten the approval invoice timing, to minimize the errors, to increase the productivity and, therefore, to reduce the administration cost’s up to 30%.

“The integration of the VIM solutions has made possible for accounts payables vendor invoices to be automatically centralized and coordinated in a more efficient way providing greater transparency, both internally and externally” as well as better control of the approval process, automatic data storage for audit purposes and backlog control, stated Lidia Niculai, EU-Africa & Latin America Shared Service Center Director.

On the other side, Pablo Mejide, Stratesys Project Director, has exposed that “despite the project complexity, and due to the high volume of companies and users involved on, the implantation was carried out on an agile and efficient way, resulting thus in a high performance from the very beginning”.